In April, 2018 I will return to Tibet to attempt the no-oxygen speed record for climbing Mount Everest. Based on my current fitness level and past performance at high altitude, I am confident I can beat the current Basecamp-to-Summit record of 26 hours set by Killian Jornet in 2017. In addition, considering the pace Ueli Steck and I set on both Cho Oyu and on Everest in 2011, I also intend to simultaneously challenge the longstanding ABC-to-Summit (Advanced Base Camp) record on Everest of 16 hrs 45 mins set by Hans Kammerlander in 1996.

Named the after the height of Everest in meters, the 8848 Speed Project expedition is the first in a series of events for the 2018 Comfort Footprint Challenge – an immersive multi-media program created to challenge students and participants to expand their personal comfort zones. The 8848 Speed Project will include live video feeds, video updates, and live VR video experiences directly from the slopes of Everest, and a simple, web-based curriculum to guide discussion and follow along. In addition, the entire story of the expedition and climb will be meticulously documented by an experienced high-altitude film crew, with a focus on the personal struggles, challenges, extreme suffering, and discomfort that must be endured to succeed in this monumental task.

Documentary filming begins in the USA in February, 2018, with live feeds from Asia commencing in April and continuing till the end of May.

Schools, companies, individuals, and institutions can access the 8848 Speed Project by subscribing (free) to the Comfort Footprint Challenge at the link below. (subscription opens Jan 1 /2018) To schedule a live appearance or multi-media presentation, click the Schedule Don button below.

The 8848 Speed Project is currently seeking content development partners, sponsors, and post-expedition broadcast/digital/film production and content distribution partners. For more information please contact