Want a challenge? I've set some of the fastest known bike/run records and speed ascents around the globe. Check out the ULTRAHURT courses and try one for yourself- or with a team. Push your limits! ->


Humans are strong, resilient, and capable of amazing things- but our shrinking comfort zones are rapidly changing us and our planet by accelerating consumption. The ability to endure discomfort will change both you and the world around you. Join in. ->


I've experienced triumph and tragedy while climbing some of the hardest and highest mountains on earth. Check out my images, videos, and stories of suffering from twenty expeditions worldwide. Here ->


Questions I get asked a lot...

Why do you climb? Why would you do something so risky? Why would you subject yourself to prolonged fear, suffering, and extreme discomfort? Aren't you afraid? Questions I get asked a lot. But there's method behind the madness...

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I offer long/short format multimedia presentations for schools, campuses, businesses, organizations, and private groups- and provide free educational programs for the Comfort Footprint.